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The Simple Treat/cheat Meal Plan


Here is your treat meal strategy: Once a week, plan a meal you love and crave. Eat slowly, enjoy and stay aware of how much you are eating.  Don't go back for seconds.




If a cheeseburger is your thing , go ahead but maybe lose the fries. Or have a salad with ½ a burger and 10 fries. Meet yourself in the middle, having something you love, but not normally eaten. This is what a treat meal is, not having everything you like in one meal.


A single treat meal is important, but you must keep your other days fairly lean and clean if you want to continue to lose weight. DO NOT choose a food that triggers more cravings. Stay clear of all trigger foods while losing weight, make it simple, don’t put yourself in a spot that will set you up.


"If you're just starting a weight loss program and you feel like you've treated yourself plenty for the past 5 years, then you probably don’t need a treat meal till you get a pattern of healthy eating!

Here are some great thoughts from a sports Dietitian: To implement the idea, eat what you want until you're satisfied, not until you're stuffed, suggests Amy Goodson. Go for two pieces of pizza, not the whole pie and my personal thoughts… always add a veggie when you can.







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 Many people ask about eating fruits while trying to lose weight. Let me first say that fruits are wonderful for you; they bless your body with so many anti-oxidants and nutrients galore you'd be remiss in not eating them.  But some are higher in sugar then others and might need to be limited while losing weight.  I tell people to eat 2 maybe 3 a day(remember your serving sizes), but add more veggies to the mix, that way the diet is beautifully balanced.   When you are at a point where you need to cut back a bit more, stick to the fruits for the most part that are lighter in natural sugars.  Enjoy~ 

Fruits Lowest in Sugar

-Lemon and Lime

Fruits Low to Medium in Sugar

- Melon
-Honeydew melons
-Apricots (fresh, not dried)

Fruits with Medium-High Sugar Content


Fruits with Highest Sugar Content


-Dried fruit (raisins, dried apricots, prunes)

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Don't let the parties and fun activities put a crimp on what you have accomplished with your weight loss and fitness goals.  Most of us are in the same boat, with graduations, weddings and cookouts, which actually is a nice boat to be in and I plan on enjoying them all.   Below are some tips to help you navigate through them and still stay on target.. 

1. Exercise that day...put in a good workout, but don't out eat your run.   

2. Don't go hungry.  Always have a mini-meal beforehand like a shake.

3. Bring your own dish to pass.  I usually bring a fruit and veggie tray, if I don't have time to make one up then I bring some for myself and eat it on the way.

4. Go for the protein and any veggies you can find, then pick one goodie that you want to have and enjoy the heck out of it.  Remember to eat slowly and remove yourself from the food table and don't go back for seconds. 

5.Drink plenty of water to make sure you stay hydrated

6. Limit yourself to 2 drinks, but here is the caveat, if you drink then you need to skip the dessert. If you have several parties to attend, then you have to limit your drinks to 1 and switch to sparkling water with a lemon or lime.   Wine and all alcohol is sugar in the body so it must be limited

Almost every party has some healthy picks so load up on these and don't sweat it, you are in control, not the food.  Enjoy!!!

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1 small onion, quartered, slice thin
1 tablespoon olive oil
5 cups organic vegetable broth
1 cup zucchini, sliced

2 carrots chopped fine

1 cup Kale or Spinach chopped

5 1/2 ounce) can white or black beans, rinsed, drained
1 cup sweet potato, peeled, diced
1 cup green beans, cut into 1-inch pieced
1 cup tomato, peeled, chopped
1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
1/8 teaspoon ground turmeric
1/4 cup celery leaves, chopped

2 tablespoons tomato paste


1 In a large saucepan, sauté onion in oil until tender, then add the next 11 ingredients.

2 Bring to a boil, then reduce heat, cover & simmer for about 25-30 minutes or until vegetables are tender.

3 Remove from heat, and then stir in celery leaves & tomato paste. Cover & let stand for 5 minutes before serving.

Recipe posted by Sydney Mike: Taken from Taste of home

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Living into your 90’s…   

I just finished watching an intriguing and inspiring 60 minutes which was focused on people who live into their 90’s.. Not just any “old” 90’s, but functioning, happy and active 90 year old.    There seems to be a few common threads that the researchers discovered. I loved watching this so much that I decided to put it in my own language for you. Hopefully you will learn a few tidbits like I did or have the realization that we have freedom with our lives, more than originally thought. 

Overview:    These are the researchers found that the 90 year old people who were still active shared. 

1.     They did not  smoke

2.       Exercisers lived longer. Duh! It seems the magic number is around 45 minutes of daily movement and it doesn't have to be all at once.  Exercising more or less than 45 minutes didn't seem to make a difference.  45 minutes was the magic number.

3.       Socially active: book clubs, bridge, gyms where you are known.  It’s great to walk into a room where people know your name; you aren't just a number but are a part of a group of like-minded people.  

4.       Drinking alcohol!  Oh man, will my clients love this.   Up to 2 a day and it really didn't matter if it was red or white wine or a martini.   Now, this is not counting sugars or calories, just longevity here.              (P.s. If you don’t drink, please don’t start)!

5.       Coffee or green tea drinkers.  3 cups per day seemed to be the limit; the caffeine is good for the brain and for other body systems.  Note: not everyone tolerates caffeine the same, so be aware of what works best for you.

6.       Maintaining a good weight. Too thin, not good, too heavy, not good.  What the studies found was a little extra weight is preferable as you go into an older age. As you get a bit older having an extra few pounds or so seemed to help, thank you for this piece of info.

7.       This can be hard on the imagination (no pun intended) ha, ha!   People in their 90’s still enjoying sex. Warning:  Don’t think of your parents or grandparents when you read this!  Honestly let’s get real; it’s not surprising that this can be super healthy for you, but possibly a bit surprising that it is still interesting at 90 something. :-)   

8.       Vitamins: Did not make a difference in longevity.   I still believe a high quality vitamin for those who have less then optimal eating habits).

9.       As for forgetfulness, there has been no direct link of doing any one thing that will stave off the effects of  getting a bit more forgetful as we go up in years, some forgetfulness is normal.  You need to be concerned if you put your keys in the freezer or use the remote control for your phone. :-(    There is one more thing before I forget.. did I mention that you can have a bit of wine??

  To me it seemed our destiny was not just coded in our gene pool, but was created with laughter, love and deep connections to others in friendship, that it wasn't about adding more years to our life, but adding life to those years.~   Lesslee






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Everyone has a time in their day or week that can present a challenge when it comes to staying on target with their goals.  Here is a thought:  Find a time where you have succeeded in not doing something that you normally might do, that is keeping you from a goal.   A "positive deviance" quoted from the book Change Anything, is a powerful tool that you can use to bolster a new habit.  Example: If you normally hit happy hour on a certain night, or snack mindlessly while watching t.v.  Find a time that you didn't do these behaviors and ask yourself what was different about that day, that hour, that moment? What enabled you not to engage in the behavior you’d like to change.  Once you discover exactly what you did, you can make doing it a new rule- this becomes a new vital behavior.    If you keep practicing this vital behavior, it becomes a new habit.     So in a nutshell a vital behavior is something that you do that leads you closer to your goal and not away from it,

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  Sometimes when clients start out with me they see results right away, they drop inches and several pounds immediately!  This can be common if you have a lot to lose, but it is not sustainable… your body will not be able to maintain this indefinitely.     As you get leaner, it gets a bit harder to get rid of fat so you have to out-smart your body and monitor your intake of food on a closer level.    So for those of you who have experienced the above, know that it is completely and absolutely normal for your body to want to stabilize and for weight loss to slow down.     

Example:      If you always lifted the same weight without changing your routine your muscles get comfortable and will stop responding as they did in the beginning. The same is true with your nutrition. If you always the same your body gets used to it and your fat loss will slow down.   Be prepared to make changes that will help you move in the right direction.   One of the advantages of having a coach to work with,  is I have the strategies to get that tape measure to move, you just have to be willing to do your part.  :-)

Lesslee Belmore

Nutritional Path founder


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No pressure….


I decided to lighten up 

Stop the pressure 

Still be focused 

But make room for change 

Now I want life at my own pace 

Things to remember: 

 Be kind to myself 

To lose the guilt 

 And not force what isn’t working 

Taking care of me means: 

Listening to my body’s inner voice 

Never forgetting the gifts I’ve been given 

To enjoy all the moments 

Even if those moments aren’t perfect 

What can I  learn? 

To stay tuned to what life is saying 

Grant myself forgiveness 

To embrace this time and this space 

To be the person I want to be 

Not someone else’s version of me

Grace for this life and words to express

what is in my heart and not in my head

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Every New Year there is a bombardment of media noise about how you need to set up your New Year's resolutions. In my experience, resolutions are always so resolute. It seems that they can set us up for this

hyper to do list thing that is unsettling.   


I like to work with a more feasible approach similar to the program I use, by thinking about what I really want to accomplish and then breaking this down into doable increments. There will be "weight loss challenges" and biggest losers everywhere you turn, and for some this is a great way to get started, working with a group is powerful.  Problem is what if you have no patterns established for keeping the weight off?  That’s why it’s so important to learn how to eat for life and not get stuck on the diet treadmill, you need follow through and solid habits.   If dieting was so easy there wouldn't be 1. 2 million diet books out there telling us how to cut out carbs, or eat all the meat you want, go vegetarian or vegan or better yet, stand on your head so the food never reaches your stomach. 


My weight has been a struggle for me ever sense I entered my teens. This was the beginning of developing a distorted body image that I carried with me through the years. I did some terrible things to myself in order to make my body what I thought it should be which was rail thin like my friends. No one had hips and muscular legs in my group, I hated it, but it was normal for me!  I didn't realize that I was perfectly fine being who I was.  There were diet pills, yo-yo weight gain and loss, starving and then binging, exercising until I almost dropped (all aerobics of course). I was always searching for perfection.


Just for the record I have gained and lost over 150 pounds. I've been overweight and dangerously underweight. I truly have been there, done that. I ate processed foods for years, sometimes drank too much and was addicted to sugar.  I didn't even know how to lift a weight. I also ended up getting very sick and was barely surviving; it was a very sad time for me.


By the grace of God, I connected with a person who is similar to who I am right now. She was a former professor of Nutrition and Health coach, Susan Sly, and I owe her my life. I didn't get better right away, I didn't cure my poor body image in a week, I didn't learn how to eat and thrive in a matter of days.  It took me many months and years, I'm still learning and always will be. But I listened to her as she guided me to a healthier way of living.


I pulled all my knowledge together in order to help others in a way that I was helped. Ninety percent of the time, which is all you really need to target for, I no longer binge or over drink, I no longer eat processed foods and I don't go on "diets" anymore.  My forte is not only helping others to lose weight, but creating paths for people to eat real foods and to incorporate weights into their workouts on a regular basis.  The lessons I've learned are worth teaching to others.  


When I think about this New Year, I don't want to make iron clad rules to live by but instead I want to do what I know works. 


 What about you?  What would you like to do with the New Year to come?


This year instead of making a "resolution" why not give yourself a real gift - the gift of letting go of doing things that no longer work for you, no longer make you happy.  Why not remove obstacles that are holding you back from being the person you were meant to be. This is a time for self-reflection and growth, a time to expand not your waist, but your life. 


Lesslee Belmore

Nutritional Path


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How does gratitude play into the weight loss game?


Sometimes when we have a very busy schedule or life gives us a few lemons along the way, it can be the furthest thing from our minds to take a moment to be grateful.  But I have found that a moment of gratitude can open many doors, not just in real life, but in our hearts life.  It is like a shortcut to feeling better right away.  It can make a difference in how we view the world.  It also gives you perspective.   Just when you are ready to throw in the towel or give up, take a moment to think of all that you have in your life that is working for you, then everything else can fall by the wayside.

  Can it help you lose weight?   I believe it can.   So many times I hear people tell me what they haven’t done right; well I want to know, what you have done right?  Does it seem too small to mention?  If it is a behavior that is new and beneficial for you, then let’s be happy about that.  Drinking more water, adding that green tea, getting up earlier to exercise?  Every good thing can be a moment for gratitude.  It doesn’t have to be big for you to be thankful.  Having an attitude of gratitude carries with it mini miracles.

So when things get a little crazy this season, stop and take a moment for gratitude.  Let these moments propel you forward and help you build many moments to be thankful for.

Lesslee Belmore

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Schedule Time to “Get Moving!!”                                                                     November 2013

Working with Lesslee opened my eyes and I was able to make some great observations as I moved through my weight loss and health path.   Thank YOU Lesslee for being a great coach!

Wouldn’t we all like to be healthier and more physically fit?  But how do we find time with our busy schedules? The answer is incredibly simple:  we schedule it…..we make an appointment on our calendar for a class at the gym,  a 60-minute walk, yoga class, or tennis with a friend…..whatever it is you like to do to stay fit.  A spry energetic octogenarian recently said to me, “You have to get moving.  If you rest you’ll rust!”  What a lesson for all of us regardless of our age.  Our bodies are designed and built to sustain us well into our 80’s and 90’s if we are attentive to proper nutrition and physical activity throughout our lives.  This is not new information….we know this intellectually( Lesslee taught me how knowing something intellectually is one thing, but doing it is another)yet we put most everything else in our lives ahead of caring for ourselves, both nutritionally and physically.  Let’s make our calendar our best friend.  Let’s make time for the things we need and want to do to lead an active and healthy life—both for today and the future.  One of the most important lessons I learned was to schedule the exercise time you need and don’t cancel it.  It’s amazing how easily we are willing to change our “personal” time on our calendar to accommodate someone or something else…..swapping our priority for their priority!  Think about it, do we routinely change our doctor or dentist appointment just because someone needs us to be in a meeting or somewhere else?  Most of us will say, “of course not,” yet without hesitation, we easily modify or cancel time we’ve set aside for ourselves.  Trust me; if you can’t accommodate a particular date/time, there is always another date/time that can be agreed upon.    Others will correctly assume that if you say you have another commitment, then it must be important.  And they will be right……your scheduled time for your health and well-being is IMPORTANT!  Try it……put those exercise times on your calendar and stick to it.  You’ll be amazed at how good it feels to finally have time to “Get Moving!!”


Hope L.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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Habitual thought patterns are like ruts in a dirt road. The mind slips into them over and over; at first, steering down another route is extremely difficult. Stopping habitual thoughts as they flash along these pathways, turning one’s mental energy to a new way of thinking, requires an effort that is not merely impressive but heroic.

The way to start changing your mind is not to force it or command it but to watch yourself as if you are a casual observer, take note of what is not working for you anymore. Developing new thoughts and habits will create new ruts, they aren’t as deep as the others at first, but with repeated action, they soon will catch up!   It takes 66 days to form a new habit or pattern in which you default to when motivation is lacking. This is what we are doing when we repeatedly do a behavior over and over, so make sure it is a behavior you want to keep! 

To help develop new habits make the behavior easy so that you are more likely to continue doing it.  

 If you’d like more in-depth help with your nutrition, fitness and behaviors, contact me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 302-245-2582

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Thoughts on the dreaded scale.


 I don’t know too many people who actually enjoy being on the scale, yet so many of you are almost addicted to getting on that metal machine.   As your coach, I personally do not like using the scale except for our bi-weekly meetings.  First of all, it can be a very inaccurate way to measure your success, it can also easily discourage.( the scale is not your best friend)!   A better way of measuring your success is to feel how your cloths are fitting, listening to  the positive comments others are making and of course a pretty reliable tape measure. 


 Remember to concentrate on your actions each day and don’t let past mistakes take you off the track.  Each meal is always a clean slate and for goodness sake let go of perfection, this is so important.  Your body has it's own time table and will adjust and shift as you continue to build new habits with healthy lean eating. 

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What is it that you really want and why? 

Fresh Start Monday?  Not really, because we always have the chance to have a fresh start. With Nutritional path it is a clean slate with every meal.  Your last meal can be a learning time for you if you just ask yourself “How did I feel after eating/drinking that"?    If it isn't working for you, then it might be time to re-think and re-group.
  When  I work with a new client, we  set up goals for them individually. I ask them to keep in mind what it is they really want to achieve, but more importantly, why they want to achieve it.  That's the part that most of us overlook.  Ask yourself ... why am I really doing this? We each have our own personal reasons for making changes.
Obviously we all want to look and feel good, but is that enough to motivate us day in and day out?  I don't think so, in fact I can tell you from experience that motivation comes and goes like the wind.  You can't grasp it, but when you feel it, it can be powerful. So together we  find that big motivator and lock into it.     
 So, whether you are working with a coach like myself or on your own,  I encourage you to dig a bit deeper when getting those goals on paper. Feel your way inward and find your reason for getting to that sweet spot, the place that makes you feel like a million bucks!      

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The most amazing thing that I have found is the simple lesson of making small changes. Before it was an all or nothing mentality of making huge jumps from overindulgence to skimpy diets.  They mostly lasted about a week at best and I was hungry and irritable most of the time, actually all of the time.   But through my training and self-exploration I learned that it was the accumulation of small changes that made the biggest change in my lifestyle.  This is what I teach through Nutritional Path.   It is not anything revolutionary; it is pretty elementary in that keeping it simple seems to make it work.   I know that most of us would love the quick fix, but it just doesn’t work.  What works is when you add up all the little changes and develop a habit, one after another over a period of time.  FYI it takes about 66 days to form a solid habit.( Yes, like brushing your teeth kind of habit).  Once you have these new habits under your belt, then you don’t think quite the same way as you used to.  Our brain is running on a different track and we need to keep practicing so this track stays in place and gets deeper over time.   This is now the “new normal” and it fits so much better than the old normal, physically, mentally and metephorically.


Breath deep and make it simple and small.   Precision Nutrition at its best. 



Coach and trainer,

Lesslee Belmore

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Question of the day....Does the kind of food we eat affect our mood, Absolutely yes!
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that food does affect the way that we feel. When we eat highly processed foods, white flour and sugar, boxed items with ingredients we can't even pronounce, we are giving ourselves terrible fuel. Our bodies don’t know what to do with it, it is toxic for us.
Our bodies and brains cannot function properly without proper nutrition. We get sick, depressed and have trouble thinking clearly. A well balanced diet with non -processed foods is the key to improving not only our health, but the way we feel emotionally.

Certain foods have mood-altering chemicals that have definite effects on our brains. Omega rich foods can elevate mood which trigger the motivation centers in our brain and help with keeping our hearts in good shape. Tryptophan, found in bananas, avocados, walnuts and dried apricots can increase serotonin levels, which help us to feel relaxed and happy. B vitamins in foods such as dark chocolate, and low glycemic foods, may also be associated with elevated moods. Combining complex carbs and Protein together can also increase the availability of serotonin. It is nothing short of magical what we can do for ourselves with the proper fuel a.k.a food.
Bottom line: Eat natural, whole foods without processing as much as possible. Fruit, veggies of every color and texture, clean protein and little or no sugar.
You will start to notice that you are feeling wonderful, looking great, skin is clear, eyes are bright, sleep is better and lastly our mood is elevated.

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So who thinks weight gain, loss of strength is inevitable as you grow older?  


Well it is if you don’t do anything to stall it.  Unfortunately we lose muscle at a steady pace ½ pounds per year after the age of 35, at the age of 50 it doubles.  Because muscle is metabolically more active, the more muscle we lose the less calories we can consume to maintain our body weight.  We will become weak, will affect our bones and we will look mushy.  Not a good outcome to say the least.

One of the preventative measures we can take is to learn how to incorporate weights or resistance training into our exercise regimen and choosing whole unprocessed foods that aren’t full of additives and fillers, but mostly eating enough protein.  Protein is like gas to a fire; it revs up our metabolism and helps us keep our lean muscle tissue.  Since our body does not store it, you must add it to your diet every day in small increments throughout.


Diseases, weight gain and loss of muscle strength does not have to be the norm. So what can we do to get this process to reverse?


1. Movement:  Not just exercise, but movement throughout the day.  Our body doesn’t care if you are in a gym or in a parking lot; it just wants to move.     If you don’t know how to handle weights, take a class or hire a trainer to teach you, because you absolutely need the resistance training at least 2 times per week. Cross fit is an excellent exercise choice.


 2.   Make Sure your diet is on target:  How is your protein intake, your veggies and complex carbohydrates?  Nutrition is 85% of the equation,   it’s not just exercising, it is eating unprocessed foods, knowing  how to make great food choices and eating lean protein.   


More info contact me  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Changing our bodies and our health take time. When we really pressure ourselves to see these changes quickly, we get impatient and set ourselves up for dissapointment. One of the most important things is getting back in the drivers seat, making small adjustments that you can sustain and realizing that every habit you secure is empowering you to live the life you want.
We are aiming for the sweet spot, not the perfection spot.
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... Peel bananas and stick in a freezer until solid. Then, blend the bananas in a food processor or high-powered mixer until smooth. For a little variety, try adding other frozen fruit (I love peach and blueberries!) Finally, add toppings of your choice (fruit, nuts, coconut, carob chips, etc.).   p.s  Watch your serving sizes, about 1/2 cup. :-)
... Peel bananas and stick in a freezer until solid. Then, blend the bananas in a food processor or high-powered mixer until smooth. For a little variety, try adding other frozen fruit (I love peach and blueberries!) Finally, add toppings of your choice (fruit, nuts, coconut, carob chips, etc.).
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Being o.k with who you are right now.
I know it is hard, especially as we have definite ideas on how we think we should look and how we want to look. I get it! But accepting who we are right now is very important. We sometimes become obsessed with the body we want and the body that is serving us now is not being honored, in fact it is being despised at times.
This doesn’t mean we don’t want something better, it just means we need to care and love ourselves just the way we are.
Consider this time as the beginning of a new era for better health, a stronger leaner body and a starting point of where you are heading. This is the beginning of the new you, all the while loving the old you.
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